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Bernal Heights Prettiness Hits the Market

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The last time 25 Coleridge in Bernal Heights was on the market was back in 1993 when it sold for $345,000. Shoot forward eighteen years and it's back with a $1,239,000 price tag. It's a 4-bed, 3-bath, 2,159-square foot fully detached home that recently underwent a remodel. As expected, the home sits on a pretty big lot and is surrounded by all sorts of lush foliage, perfect for frolicking! The first floor has an open floorplan that ties the kitchen to the dining and living rooms. Property highlights include a rather large master bath and a large outdoor patio that's perfecto for entertaining.
· 25 Coleridge [Redfin]

25 Coleridge Street, San Francisco, CA