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Cow Hollow: When Does "TLC" Mean "Reconstructive Surgery?"

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Cute enough at first glance, this 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath shingled Edwardian in Cow Hollow. It's painted white with black trim and on the market for a week at $1,900,000, although the pictures only went up yesterday. It's a cautionary tale, perhaps? Someone paid $2,750,000 for it in October, 2006. On the left there's a gate and some steps leading up to a small porch and access to the garden, which is huge. Inside, it's also painted white, but no amount of white latex is going to shield you from small rooms and unfortunate additions to the rear. The garage is strangely tucked into the right side of the house, and in one of those "what were they thinking?" moments, what we assume was once a masonry chimney has been replaced with exterior metal flues. To provide room for the car? Parking must have been tough in Cow Hollow back in the day.

The realtor says the house "needs TLC." Maybe a bit more. We like that it's open on all four sides with only one near neighbor and yes, the garden could be swell. We'll let you decide on the baths and kitchen. As for the rest of the Scott Street streetscape, why do this block and the next have exposed utility lines? The poles come back a few feet south of the house (at Union Street) and then disappear underground again at Lombard. What did this stretch of Scott Street do to be so undeserving? Scheduled open house Sunday, January 23 from 2-4pm.
· 3025 Scott Street [Redfin]