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Twin Peaks Contemporary Remodel Available for Less Than $1M

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570 Corbett was a shitshack. Then in 2010 it was renovated from the foundation up. Now it's packed full of fancy finishes and smooth ceilings with recessed lighting and everything else you'd think a homeowner would put in a house if they wanted to get a spread in Dwell magazine. The building's exterior still has its Mid-Century modern feel, as the house was originally built in 1959. But again, once inside it's a contemporary wonderland. We never thought we'd type this, but the four different tiles in the master bathroom work really well together. The deets: it's a 3-bed, 2-bath house in Twin Peaks for $995,000. You get 2-car parking with interior access. Property highlights include open living spaces and a gorgeous backyard that's perfect for entertaining.
· 570 Corbett [Redfin]

570 Corbett Avenue, San Francisco, CA