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Outer Richmond: DPW Neglecting the Fragile

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From the Richmond SF Blog, a tale of neglect on 48th Avenue at Balboa. It seems a few years ago a truck rolled downhill wiping out the handrail (red arrow) which has not been replaced, along a stretch of stairs that older residents find especially challenging and where one woman was seriously injured in a fall. The options offered by the Department of Public Works seem to be: cling to the wall for dear life, use the steps on the other side of the street or fall again and get a lawyer. San Francisco pays out millions in claims every year- why not grab a piece of it? Apparently, only silence from the both Supervisor Mar and the DPW for residents who just want to walk to the beach and remain intact. And while you're installing a new handrail, please do something about the scandalous condition of those shrubberies.
· Elderly residents at 48th & Balboa looking for a helping handrail [RichmondSFBlog]