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Millennium SF: Not Even a Good Burgundy Will Help

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According to the Interwebs (which never lie or leave anything out) there have only been three closings in Q4 at 301 Mission Street, the splendid glassy condo project otherwise known as the Millennium Tower. One was 22G, a perfectly ok mid-range unit (click on the gallery above) with two bedrooms and two baths. Purchased for $1,381,250 in July of 2009 and closed in December for $1,264, 200 after starting out at $1,499,000. Loss? $117,050. Next up is 18A, purchased in May 2010 for $1,650,000 and closed in November for $1,450,000. Lose $200,000K in only five months. Last up, 42D a sponsor unit that was asking $2,500,000 in July for $2,800,000 and closed last October for $2,500,000. Loss? $300,000 in developer profit. So much for living over RN74 and the best resident's amenities in town. If you have details on other closings besides these three (there must be more, no?) send them along. Pictures or it didn't happen.
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