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A-Cup: Mayor Lee Makes the Marriage Official

"Larry Ellison on the Joystick" Photo Credit: Sail World

Acts of God or ex-Supevisor Chris Daly notwithstanding, it looks like the 34th America's Cup will happen here, as incoming Mayor Lee issues his first decree today making it so and establishing a working commission to see it through. From the press release:

San Francisco will host the 34th America’s Cup with a focus on enhancing the overall spectator experience. Plans call for Piers 30/32 for the team bases, the public Race Village to be staged at Piers 27/29, regatta operations on Pier 23, and the media center at Pier 19. The America’s Cup Event Authority, the organization tasked with running the 34th edition, announced its on-shore plans for the Challenger Selection Series for the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America’s Cup Finals at a public celebration held at San Francisco’s City Hall earlier this month. The Event Authority has been meeting with Port staff and will continue to do so until a specific venue plan has been created. This venue plan will be critical to beginning the CEQA process.Ah, CEQA. Should we somehow fail in our conjugal duties, Newport is waiting in the wings. Also no mention anywhere of Pier 50 and/or Seawall Lot 330, otherwise know as our dowry.
·Mayor Lee's Press Release [pdf]
·34th America's Cup Executive Directive [pdf]
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