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BART Officials Hope You'll Hang Around and Shop

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Late last week, in an effort to bring in some new revenue the powers that be at BART approved a policy that will allow more vendors in stations. The idea is to keep riders milling about on concourse levels rather than standing on the platform constantly checking the monitors. (In which case, we'd like to see some of that new revenue go towards arrival time displays on the concourse.) And don't expect to be bringing Taco Bell on the train, as BART officials have stressed the Eating/Drinking policy in paid areas won't be changing. Rather than manage vendors themselves, BART plans to select a "master vendor" to shoulder the responsibility of setting up outlets and arranging for individual vendors in each retail location. So the setup will be kind of like how a shopping mall works - a smelly, underground shopping mall with no available bathrooms.
· BART Directors Approve Plan to Bring Shops to Stations [SFAppeal]