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Stunner with Something for Everyone

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We are ready to trade our martini glass for a Bugaboo after finding this amazing 2-bed, 1-bath flat in Noe Valley. Granted, we'd have to come up with the cash for both the $600 stroller and the $849,000 for the actual condo, but even bloggers have dreams, okay? To get it out of the way, it's on the lower floor, because if it was upstairs, the agent would be screaming "Top floor!!" at the top of his or her lungs, and it looks like the lower floor is the keeper of all the funky-ass pentagonal windows. Being on the lower floor also means you get your very own private terrace, which might actually get used in this warm and sunny micro-climate. At 1,496 square feet, the flat looks huge - the bedrooms are well-sized there's no skimping on the formal dining room. The living room also boasts a real wood-burning fireplace and some beautiful double doors for when you really want to make an entrance. Other features of note: a laundry room, a garage spot, and a nice, tasteful kitchen. What do you think dear readers? How long will this full-featured flat stay on the market?
· 1496 Sanchez [Redfin]

1496 Sanchez Street, San Francisco, CA