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Window Treatments Gone Wrong

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"But look at that gleaming hardwood! The un-offensive paint colors!" you say? Sure, there's a lot to distract from the fact that this 4-bed, 4-bath house in St. Francis Wood is nothing but a big old trainwreck. Look up from that shiny shiny hardwood, and all you'll see is window treatments. It took us awhile to come up with the proper name for these, but after a few too many drinks, we settled on "Gimlet barf green." Let's move on to what is presumably the master bath. Listen, marble is normally a good thing, but several different kinds? And in a pattern that is sure to nauseate as you luxuriate in the spa? As for the kitchen, it looks expensive, but not in a good way. There's so much here that's just, well, too much. On the plus side, if you've got the cash to remodel, you may end up with 3,000 square feet in a fancy neighborhood. It's a probate sale, currently listed at $1,149,000, so if you can stand the thought of paying for those window treatments, you may be able to get yourself a deal.
· 1365 Portola Drive [Redfin]

1365 Portola Drive, San Francisco, California