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Hunters Point: Migratory Birds Breath a Sigh of Relief

Photo Credit: Our friends at Google Maps

Over the past weekend, various and sundry groups signed on (or dropped lawsuits) for the planned bridge over Yosemite Slough, permitting Lennar to go ahead with the Hunters Point Community. At least until the next lawsuit. In brief, there's a plan to restore Yosemite Slough (a slough in this usage, is a shallow basin or tributary) to its pre-19th Century form as brackish wetland fed by various freshwater creeks in southern San Francisco.

Yes, they're there, but now mostly underground. Planners are using Crissy Field as a model, with both public access to the Bay and providing a resting spot for migratory birds. Over this restoration, Lennar planned a bridge to link from the southwest to the new Hunter's Point and the much-wished-for NFL stadium in a form that environmental groups deemed hazardous to birds. Hazards mitigated! Although, with our old/new Governor looking to make redevelopment agencies across the state disappear, who knows? The saga of Hunters Point continues, but the birds will be OK.

The Yosemite Creek system, above: Oakland Museum's Creeks Project
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