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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Building Scorned

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Some real estate agents like to be really honest about the condition of one of their listings. Take, for instance, the listing for 715 Commercial Street in Chinatown, which is right on the edge of the Financial District. The first photo in the listing (not our gallery, but the listing's) is a decent shot of the exterior of the building. The second shot is a close-up of a pigeon that is currently occupying the premises. You immediately get the idea that this property needs some work. And work it needs, folks. Although we can't fault the location; we've never, ever seen a property in such array. This 4-bed, 1-bath (hardly), 1,901 square foot "single-family home" has been on and off the market for awhile. The last time we remember the asking price being somewhere in the low $900,000s. Now it's back on the market with a much more reasonable but still high asking price of $679,000. A quick look through our gallery and you'll notice that every surface, fixture, and appliance needs replacing. In short, the entire building needs to be gutted. Dear readers, how much do you think it'd cost to bring this "fixer-upper" up to your standards? Let us know in the comments!
· 715 Commercial [Redfin]

715 Commercial Street, San Francisco, CA