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Oceanfronting: Bring Your Architect, Surfers Not included

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How much is oceanfront property going for these days? This 2-bed/1-bath house with an unwarranted bedroom and bath behind the garage came on the market today looking for $650,000. It's a trust sale, very frankly in "as is" condition, and we know "as is" is pretty dire when there are three pictures of the surf instead of the bathrooms. While you'll never get permission to demolish it and build something new, you'll probably be able to make the house vanish beneath renovations. Which may be the parameters for the concept of "San Francisco Demolition".

Best feature aside from the entire Pacific Ocean: there's no rear neighbor with the lot going through to 48th Avenue. Add a third story- the better to look over the dunes with. We'd like to see the living room and kitchen on the third floor with an elevator to the garage. Just remember to keep whatever you build under forty feet high, please. As far as we know, the only single-family property currently available on Great Highway.
· 2080 Great Highway [Redfin]

2080 Great Highway. San Francisco, CA