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Prime, Pristine and Pedigree for Pacific Heights Penthouse

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"Tailored, refined, breathtaking." Usually we like to poke fun at the list agent's choice of words. However, this is the exception. Please, dear readers, look through the gallery. Especially take note of the wood-paneled library and media rooms. This 4-bed, 4.5-bath prime piece of real estate tail just hit the market with a "hey, mom! Can I borrow some change for the lemonade stand?" price tag of $5,250,000. Built in 1923 and designed by San Francisco architect Conrad Alfred Meussdorffer, this penthouse has everything you could ever ask for, including an au pair room (that's currently a work-out room). The entire 5,208 square foot apartment is two full-floors in a 7-unit building. But don't get your checkbooks out yet, no. This is a Co-op, people. Which means no matter how many clams you've got in your bank account, you must first meet the approval of the board. No flip-flops. No bed head. Pearls and suits and poodles are suggested, folks. Also, the monthly HOA dues are $1,900, which is totally "whatever" since you're paying $5,250,000 for a penthouse.
· 1800 Gough [Redfin]
· 1800 Gough Penthouse [Listing Website]

1800 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA