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Sonoma County: Modern Cottage & Ocean Views $1,495,000

Looking for a getaway? This 1-bed/1-bath guest cottage on 23 acres with ocean views in Occidental strikes us as pretty close to perfect for $1,495,000. The main house was never built, but the septic system is in place for a 3-bed structure. Reassuring, and frankly, who needs it? We'd rather put in a swimming pool and have our friends set up tents. No clue as to why there's no main house but the cottage and the black wedge of a garage/shed were designed by Los Angeles architect Frederick Fisher, along with a garden by eminent horticulturalist and landscape designer Roger Raiche. About twenty minutes west of Sebastapol.
· 18285 Fitzpatrick Lane, Occidental [Paragon]
· Planet Horticulture [Planet Horticulture]
· Fisher Partners [Fisher Partners]

18285 Fitzpatrick Lane, Occidental, CA