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El Cerrito Hills: Mid-Century Living Now $240,000 More

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Was: $1,155,000
Now: $1,395,000
You Lose: $240,000

When you've been on the market for 341 days and pricechopped to $1,155,000, sometimes it's best to change realtors and come up with a new strategy. We don't know about the strategy part, but that's what happened to this 4-bed/2.5 bath in the El Cerrito Hills we wrote about last July. If you've ever aspired to live the Mad Men (Suburban Division) life it's now going to cost you $240,000 more- the house was re-listed and priceupped to $1,395,000 three days ago. Designed by Ratcliff & Ratcliff and built in 1958. Still has the same spectacular views and indoor pool, plus that Brady Bunch House-on-steroids-vibe.
· 1455 Vista Road, El Cerrito [Redfin]
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1455 Vista Road, El Cerrito, CA