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The Fillmore: Affordable Housing On The Way

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Credit: all images via DBArchitects Our friends at SFCitizen alerted us to 1345 Turk Street, an affordable housing project from the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency designed by David Baker & Partners. And you thought all the affordable housing was through the Mayor's Office of Housing, right? We forget sometimes that the SFRA has been building affordable housing ever since they obliterated the Western Addition in the grand old days of urban renewal. 1345 Turk Street is a mix of one, two and three-bedroom flats expected to priced from the mid-$100,000 to the $300,000's, all with outdoor space. Baker and his firm have now been around long enough to have had a significant impact on the way San Francisco looks, and 1345 Turk is no exception- boxy but attractive, scaled and intimate. Low-rise and landscaped. Bike-friendly by design. Can we argue about parking? Groundbreaking is scheduled for October 21st. Interested? Go directly to the developer Michael Simmons, for more information about participation in the program. And does anyone out there know (remember?) what the site was, once upon a time?
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