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Pacific Heights Mansion Hacks $1,100,000 Off

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Was: $12,800,000
Now: $11,700,000
You Save: $1,100,000

Back in late June we introduced you to 2420 Pacific in Pacific Heights; the 10-bed, 8.5-bath, 10,650 square foot mega house built by Julia Ernest Krafft in 1902. As noted before, this property is "swimming in its own opulence." Nine fireplaces and a ballroom, need we say more? Opulent or not, it hasn't caught a buyer. After 77 days on the market its asking price was brought down to $11,700,000 today, a $1,100,000 chop. Tell us, dear readers, will this big, beautiful lady finally find a buyer? Or should we expect another chop?
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2420 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA