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More Caffeine for Hipsters; Ice Skating; Vintage Cars Promise to Behave; Plus, Tail-Wagging in the 'Loin

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REC & PARKS- approved a coffee kiosk for Blue Bottle in Dolores Park, but for two years instead of the requested five, plus the promise to stay away from the Dolores Park Cafe, we presume. Also ice skating in the Civic Center Plaza for this winter. Additionally, the commission approved Jimmy's Annual Old Car Picnic's return to the Golden Gate Park Speedway Meadow. Staff had inveighed against permitting the event because of damage to the lawn, but a compromise was reached limiting the number of vehicles to 750 and throwing in a code of behavior for exhibiters. [City Insider]

TENDERLOIN- the Planning Commission yesterday approved the doggie hotel on the site of the Bulldog Baths in the Tenderloin. Rejoice in the documentation for accommodations for sixty dogs.The future proposed residential component on two upper floors was not included in the approval. [SF Planning]