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Curbed SF Marketplace: Get Your Free Listings Here

Careful observers of this space will note that we've recently introduced a handful of rental listings in a brand new Marketplace section of this site. Now we're ready to open the door to much more.

Today through the end of October, we'll be offering free listings for anyone who's got a for-sale property that they'd like to feature in the Marketplace. Our glorious full-page listings, which have been a staple of the NYC real estate scene for two years now (see Curbed NY Marketplace here), feature large photographs, full property descriptions, broker profiles, and prominent links back to listings pages.

For now, we're just extending this offer for sales listings, but stay tuned for a rentals announcement soon. (Also coming soon: more on our homepage featured listings, Quicklistings.) Ready to get started? Drop us a line at and we'll get you set up.
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