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Live Like Old San Francisco in the New Tenderloin

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We'll believe in the foretold Tenderloin Renaissance when we see it, but those of you entertaining thoughts of taking up residence in the city's favorite punchline before it gets all gentrified and stuff might want to consider this sizeable 1-bedroom vacation rental in the (ahem) Theatre District's historic Hamilton Building as a way to get to know the neighbors before getting caught up in HOA fees.

At an average of $66 a night, the unit is probably cheaper than any hotel in the neighborhood that doesn't charge by the hour and has been "recently decorated by an interior designer" who was apparently going for an early-70's naugahyde look. The quaintly restored grand lobby and fountain courtyard are nice artifacts of what was once the "Tallest Apartment Hotel in the West", but the aforementioned decorator's insistence on floor-to-ceiling mirrors everywhere might trigger your vertigo if the casino-style carpet in the lobby didn't already make you dizzy. On the sunny side, the 16th floor roof deck would make a delightful backdrop to any pre-war themed cocktail party or movie shoot you've got planned. The catch (of course) is a minimum rental of 6 months, which works out to 2 grand a month.
- Contributor Andrew Dalton
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