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Catching Up with 2732 Vallejo

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Back in July Curbed wrote about a shingled house in Pacific Heights that is so large that it sits on a double lot that's 61 feet by 138 feet. And the price tag? $10,250,000. At the time there weren't any photos, but the listing did mention something about a screening room and a glass-detailed stairway by architect Stanley Saitowitz. Shoot forward 83 days since the home was listed, and it's still sitting pretty and on the market with the exact same asking price, but now with photos! This 6-bed, 7.5-bath, 4,600 square foot home's interior is a stark contrast to its shingled exterior. Glossy hardwood flooring throughout, right-angles everywhere you look, and that glass-detailed staircase. It's contemporary. Other "let me get out the checkbook right now" features include a sauna, gym, wine cellar and two-story detached building in the back which is currently being shown as a rather large home office. The only cons we can find is the rather disappointing movie screening room and the lack of a price chop after nearly three months on the market. Tell us, dear readers, what do you think? Is this house being neglected? Or should they significantly decrease the price?
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2732 Vallejo Street, San Francisco, CA