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Big and Boring (Exterior) in Cow Hollow

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Today we're starting a new game called PriceChopper Spotter. Similar to that of PriceSpotter, but instead of guessing the price of a property, you guess the amount that it was recently reduced to.

Was: $3,699,000
Then: $3,459,000
Now: $?

This 5-bed, 4.5-bath newly constructed home has been languishing on the market for 131 days now. It has features like a rather large and lovely kitchen and a wine room that is strangely placed in the foyer. The upper levels house the main living space, and the ground level has a legal apartment with access to the landscaped backyard. There are two garage spaces and they have interior access. Here's a tip: it's located on Steiner near Greenwich. Dear readers, based on the figures, location, and photos, what amount do you think the latest chop is? Bigger than the last? A fraction? Give us your best guess in the comments!