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$1,250,000 for Palms Penthouse

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Yesterday we asked you to guess the price of a penthouse at the Palms. Figures were flying, but commenter Scurvy was the closest with a guess of $1,300,000. Actual price? $1,250,000. Our most optimistic commenter was Metroliner, who decided to go "balls out" and guess $2,200,000. The lowest guess went to an anonymous commenter, who thought the penthouse was listed for $950,000. Also in the comments was chatter about what actually qualifies as a penthouse. The definition of a penthouse is "any specially designed apartment on an upper floor, especially the top floor, of a building." Which would mean this Palms listing fits the profile. Thanks to all who played!
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The Palms

115 North Santa Cruz Avenue, , CA 95030 Visit Website

The Palms

555 4th Street, San Francisco, CA