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Extreme Choppage for Clarendon Heights Mid-Century Home

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Was: $6,400,000
Then: $5,500,000
Now: $4,950,000
You Save: $1,450,000

Earlier this month we noted the rather drastic price reduction of a house on a hill in Clarendon Heights. It was built in 1953 for San Francisco's former Mayor Elmer E. Robinson, but apparently that (and the insane view) isn't enough for a buyer, hence the "is it happy hour yet?" total PriceChopping of $1,450,000. Like noted before, the home is a 4-bed, 4.5-bath, 3,750 square foot house with an ugly backyard and the Sutro Tower as your neighbor. The house sold in April of 2008 for $5,625,000, which means at its current asking price the owners are looking at a $675,000 loss.
· Built for a San Francisco Mayor in Clarendon Heights [Curbed SF]
· 100 Palo Alto [Redfin]

100 Palo Alto Ave, San Francisco, CA