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Nob Hill Condo Can't Catch a Break (or a Buyer)

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Was: $1,195,000
Then: $1,095,000
Then: $995,000
Now: $895,000
You Save: $300,000

A 2-bed, 2-bath condo on the 6th floor of 1201 California has been languishing on the market for 199 days now. The current owners had an optimistic dream of being a part of the Over $1M Club, but alas, it's now been chopped down to its current asking price of $895,000. If interested, you also have the pocket change monthly HOA dues of $1,522.13, which does not include your leased parking fee of $200. Oh, and since it's a "NY style co-op" you and your lifestyle have to be approved by the board before they let you cut them a check. We expect another chop.
· 1201 California #602 [Redfin]

1201 California

1201 California Street, San Francisco, CA