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Miraloma Park: Throwback on Juanita Way

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More untouched San Francisco, this 2-bedroom/1.25-bath from 1936 in Miraloma Park. Asking $695K. The third bedroom and quarter-bath are unwarranted (and behind the two-car tandem garage) and look like they belong at a camp in Maine. Very Andrew Wyeth. This is not a bad thing. The yard falls into the unattended-for-decades school of landscaping. Which is also not a bad thing, either. A yellow and black bathroom for the bumblebees (or John Belushis) in your life. About a five-minute walk to Molly Stone, but out of the O'Shaughnessy-Portola fray. A sweet little house in classic Storybook style, but it should be listed as a two-bedroom/one bath.
· 17 Juanita Way [Redfin]

17 Juanita Way, San Francisco, CA