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Which Pacific Heights Abode is the Better Deal?

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Two Victorians. Both built in 1900. Same 'hood. And mere blocks from each other. Both are beauties in their own unique way. But which is the better deal? Dear readers, please let us know in the comments. Basic stats: 2781 Clay Street is a 3-bed, 2.5-bath, 3,409 square foot home with an asking price of $3,200,000. It's across the street from Alta Plaza Park. 2679 California is a 5-bed, 3.5-bath, 4,166 square foot home with an asking price of $2,995,000. It's two blocks from Alta Plaza Park.

2781 Clay Street Pros:
It's a prime piece of real estate tail on an excellent and sought-after block. It's regal. It's authentic. The owners have done a great job restoring and maintaing its original charm. The kitchen has a great layout and the vaulted ceilings are quite impressive. The house has three fireplaces. The lower level has guest quarters and a wine cellar. The garage fits two cars.

It's $220 more a square foot than its competitor. It's also smaller. It doesn't have as many bedrooms or bathrooms.The lower level is charming but take a look at that ugly ceiling. The backyard is promising, but needs a lot of work.

2679 California Street Pros:
The exterior definitely looks more maintained. There's also the advantage of paying less for more. More bedrooms, more bathrooms. If you're not trying to bring 1900 back then you're in luck, because this pretty lady has been stripped of her original charm and was brought up-to-date with the current contemporary lifestyle (translation: there isn't much moulding in this Victorian). The master suite is gorgeous. There's a very spacious kitchen with a small eating area that has a divine view of the backyard. Speaking of the backyard, this one definitely dominates. Not only is it well manicured but it also has what looks like a comfortable seating area. And it has a pretty fountain.

Let's be frank: some of the rooms look rather bland, mostly because the owners opted out of moulding and instead decided to flatten the walls and install recessed lighting. There's also a lot of beige. Looks like we'd have to buy a couple dozen gallons of paint. Although the kitchen is large and friendly, the color scheme seems wrong. It doesn't have a garage, just a small parking pad.

Readers: you tell us. Which is the better deal?
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