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A Sunny Disposition in Eureka Valley

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Unless there are hidden problems with this 3-bed, 2-bath 2,311 square foot Victorian in Eureka Valley, we can’t imagine that it will be on the market for very long. WIth an asking price of $1,249,000, it seems perfectly reasonable for something that is essentially move-in-ready, but that still provides an opportunity for some value added improvements (many great things have been done with the blank canvas of an unfinished basement). The sunburst stained glass window on the front of the house caught our eye, and not necessarily in a good way. But, one might say that it’s quintessentially San Francisco. Where else would you find a pseudo-psychedelic stained glass sun paired with intricate Victorian woodwork? If you don’t dig the pairing, all is not lost. Rather than standing across the street gazing at your new home and creeping out your new neighbors in the process, avoid that virtual sun entirely and soak up some real sun in the lovely back yard. Luckily, this house is in a microclimate where you might actually be able to see and feel the real sun every once in a while. Invite your neighbors over for a cookout on your enormous deck and never be Vitamin D-deficient again.
- Contributor Ann Maserati
· 217 Douglass [Redfin]

217 Douglass Street, San Francisco, CA