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Bells and Whistles Aplenty for Noe Valley New Construction

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Back in June of 2008 an empty lot at 1636 Diamond was purchased for $1,052,5000. Shoot forward to today and now it's a brand spankin' new contemporary hot piece of tail with an asking price of $2,590,000. The 4-bed, 4.5-bath, 3,952 square foot home was built to "create a feeling of expansiveness," which they achieved by having a floorplan that is 3,952 f**king square feet. Good heavens, readers. How much space is too much space? Let's talk deets: It's got an elevator that has access to all floors, including the roof deck. The kitchen has got so much texture and color that it's giving us flashbacks to the late nineties and the thump thump thump rhythm of late-night warehouse parties. A lime green glass backsplash? Really? Moving on? the home does not have a wine cave which is totally lame, but at least it has all the recessed lighting and soffits you could ever dream of. What do you think, dear readers? Contemporary masterpiece? Or just another stack of the latest glossy finishes?
· 1636 Diamond [Redfin]

1636 Diamond Street, San Francisco, CA