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SFMOMA: Making a New Home for the Fisher Collection

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Left, a detail of the facade of Snøhetta's Alexandria Library and right, SFMoMA's expected expansion

There was breakfast yesterday at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to introduce Snøhetta, the architectural firm chosen to design the expansion of the existing Mario Botta structure and accommodate the Fisher Collection. No designs were presented, but the architects did discuss their vision and style, probably best described as an engaging monumentality, and their remarkable international portfolio.. Actual proposals are not expected from the firm until spring, and the museum has a few million bucks to raise- including bulking up the endowment and the new construction costs, a target of some $480,000,000. The eminent architectural firm EHDD will be Snøhetta's local partner with a team led by EHDD's Duncan Ballish. As for correct pronunciation, if you're wondering, the Ø-thingy in Snøhetta is a monopthongal closed mid-front rounded vowel in the Norwegian alphabet occurring after Z and not a design affectation. Plus we've completely forgotten that bruising CAMP episode in the Presidio.
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