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$1,125,000?! Go Jump In A Lake!

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No, really, you can, though we don’t necessarily advise it. This “3-bed” (listing it as 3 might be a stretch given that one “bedroom” doesn’t have a closet), 2-bath, 1,817 square foot Lake Street condo is just steps from Mountain Lake Park and its eponymous lake. For $1,250,000, you get a lot in this unit, including updated bathrooms, large common areas, well-maintained period and architectural details, and a solid eat-in-kitchen with a walk-in pantry. We love a good pantry, and this place seems to have two (note the sliver of a butler's pantry in one of the kitchen shots). With all the pluses, there are a few minuses, however. To that end, we’re not sure that the reasonable monthly HOA dues of $372 make up for the headache of rotational parking. That would probably drive a few people batty?and perhaps explains the ladder to nowhere in the living room. Or, maybe there’s a 4th “bedroom” lurking somewhere in the eaves.
- Contributor Ann Maserati
· 950 Lake [Redfin]

950 Lake Street, San Francisco, CA