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Clarendon Heights: Warren Callister Works His Magic

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In terms of Bay Area modernism, it doesn't get more magical than this: Warren Callister's early-50's Duncan House in Clarendon Heights, looking out over San Francisco and up into Marin and up the coast. This 3-bed, 2-bath house came on the market earlier this week. We had a tour of it yesterday; they're asking $2,280,000 for the well-maintained and original-condition beauty. Depends on how one feels about lichen, really. And while yes, it's a house, "house" is a pretty mundane term for something that's a cross between architecture and a finely-crafted cabinet, built over the course of two years under a tent while the laminated beams were bent into shape.

All that aside, it's not a three-bedroom house in the conventional sense. The master bedroom is a mezzanine over the living room and there's an office that could be a bedroom, but there's only one conventional bedroom with an actual door on it. "Flexible floor plan" might cover. This is a woodsy pavilion for adults who like to entertain, with a big kitchen with a wood-burning grill and an amazing amount of storage behind walls of bi-fold doors. If you'd like to see this serenely organized mash-up of Wright, Green & Greene, Maybeck plus a little Hollywood Regency, it's open this Sunday September 19 from 2-4. Check out the great photography and hit us up in the comments. The realtor's site is exemplary (lacking only in floor plans) in giving an overview of Callister's career.
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