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More Photos of the Villa De Madre Estate in Green Valley

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Back in late August we wrote about the Villa De Madre Estate, the 22,882 square foot house (Ed. note: that's just the main house) with a vineyard in a small town between Napa and Fairfield that is on the market with the vomit-enducing asking price of $22,000,000. Highlights of the property include a 24,000 square foot auto barn with antique gas station, fully equipped diner and a "town street." To this day, it's still one of the most visited pages on Curbed SF. Because of your (and our) odd fascination with this creepy property, we've decided to compile a more in-depth gallery of the place. Hope you enjoy! And please, check out the fake interiors of the town street merchants. Truly horrifying.
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Villa De Madre Estate

4286 Suisun Valley Road, Green Valley, CA