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Noe Valley: Modernist Mews House Goes Begging

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Was: $1,575,000
Then: $1,525.000
Then: $1,425,000
Then: $1,395,000
You Save: $180,000

We've covered these puppies before. Nove, an infill project on Guerrero Street where the Mission and Noe Valley collide in a genteel way. In a block with an unusual urban feature for San Francisco- an alley. It's called Ames Street, but it's still an alley, and it allowed the developer to construct a block of contemporary but contextual flats on Guerrero Street with three townhouse units behind They're more like cottages or mews houses, albeit in very high style, facing the backs of houses on Dolores on a somewhat gritty but quiet lane that basically goes nowhere.

OK, so maybe the plate glass stair rails aren't kid friendly. But you get four stories, one below grade, with access to a planted courtyard plus three decks. While the flats on Guerrero sold very quickly, there's still this one last unit on Ames, and they've been shaving away at the price for months, with open houses almost every Sunday. It's a great unit, and although the other units sold fairly fast and for more bucks. Huge garage, seriously nice baths, plus nice touches like gas (barbecue!) and water (tomatoes!) hook-ups on the terraces. HOA's are stated as $330, but as in all new projects, that's usually best regarded as an optimistic best estimate.

And yes, history-wise, this was once the site of an 1890's Presbyterian church. It was taken over by the LGBT-oriented Metropolitan Community Church and then promptly torched by an arsonist in the 1973 (no one was killed or injured.) After a career as an empty lot, it became the site of the much-beloved Palm Broker and Flora Grubb Gardens, now in Bayview.
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151 Ames Street, San Francisco, CA