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We'll Settle for Clean Restrooms and Some Nice Lawn

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Dolores Park earthquake camp c.1906, viewed from today's BiRite Ice Cream.
[Photo Credit: Outside Lands]

Work on and around the Mission's Dolores Park, the outdoor living room for hipsters, people with kids, puppies and Mission/Castro denizens in general, continues. Slowly and so far mostly on paper. Renovation of the playground, paid for with private philanthropy and public funds, is about to begin. Shipwrecked Boats!. Tonight, there's a meeting at 6:30pm at at the Dolores Park Church to discuss the overall park renovation project with reps from Rec & Parks and a panel from interested local groups. And another opportunity to quell misunderstandings about the scope of park closures. Dolores Park does have a way of arousing emotions, like any well-used urban space with multiple constituencies. There's not just Rec & Parks' work, but the Planning Department's Mission Streets Project, a small part of which includes traffic calming at the critical intersections of Dolores Street and 18th, a fast moving north/south route crossing the path from points west to Tartine's morning buns. In addition to costing $500,000 that no one has, the proposed changes will probably require an historic review. Not surprisingly, that grassy median of palm trees and parrots is considered an historic urban and scenic resource.
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Dolores Park

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