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Monterey Heights McMansion Chops $400,000 Off its Asking Price

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Was: $6,250,000
Now: $5,850,000
You Save: $400,000

Built in 2010, this 5-bed, 6.5-bath, 6,555 square foot humble abode has been sitting big and beige and on the market for 105 days without a single nip or bite. Let's take a look around. As you can see, all of the rooms are grand and open, mostly because thy have a 6,555 square foot floorplan. The listing's vague but we do know the property has "exquisite materials and state-of-the-art-technology." It also mentions that there are sustainable design elements, but we'd like to think there really isn't anything sustainable about a a 6,555 square foot McMansion that is new construction, reclaimed bathroom tiles or not. The house also features a wood-paneled elevator that goes to all levels, and a garage for 6+ cars. The exterior of the home features two waters features and has many patios and terraces. If they ever do a Real Housewives of San Francisco, whoever bites the bullet and buys this puppy should be on the show.
· 168 Yerba Buena [Redfin]

168 Yerba Buena Avenue, San Francisco, CA