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Clarendon Heights: 206 Palo Alto Whacked Again. What Next?

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Was: $4,200,000
Then: $3,995,000
Then: $3,695, 000
Then: $3,595,000
Now: $3,395,000
You Save: $805,000

We like this house, but the glamorous 4-bed/3.5 bath with amazing views just refuses to sell. We'd heard from a friend it was the work of Jeffrey de Sousa. The house, not the pricing, as far as we know. Nice work. But before this place shows up in the Craigslists rentals section, maybe it's time for an auction- here online at Curbed SF, not the courthouse steps. Bids accepted in the comments. Step up, people. Pixelated certified checks only.
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206 Palo Alto Avenue, San Francisco, CA