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Built for a San Francisco Mayor in Clarendon Heights

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Was: $6,400,000
Now: $5,500,000
You Save: $900,000

Built in 1953 for San Francisco's former Mayor Elmer E. Robinson, this 4-bed, 4.5-bath, 3,750 square foot house on a hill just took a piggy bank chop of $900,000 (after 95 days on the market), bringing down the current asking price to the completely reasonable and obtainable price of $5,500,000. The listing says that the property has "San Francisco's most spectacular world class views" that are "possibly the best in the Bay Area." So there's that. There's also the ugly backyard from which you will notice that the Sutro Tower is your very close neighbor. No word on when this bad boy was remodeled, but we'd say the current owners should consider removing the mirrored-walls in the walk-in closet/bathroom if they want an offer.
· 100 Palo Alto [Redfin]

100 Palo Alto Ave, San Francisco, CA