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150 Year-Old Seeks Prince Charming for Long-Term Relationship

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Most of us know Pier 70 as that dreaded layer of San Francisco somewhere between Purgatorio and Inferno where we go to redeem out towed vehicles. But behind all that is a still-operational shipyard, an historic one dating back to the Civil War and a key component of San Francisco's maritime history. We sometimes forget that before railroads and SFO people got to San Francisco by boat around Cape Horn (and later by ferry from the railroad) and that Dogpatch, one of our current neighborhoods-du-jour and destination for the hungry, grew up around the shipyard and housing thousands of its immigrant workers. But there's a vision for the future.

After months of staff work, Ports has taken its first baby step at Pier 70: a request for qualifications from developers interested in the redevelopment of the first twenty acres of waterfront. A second phase around 20th Street will come later. All the usual buzzwords from the Mayor but we're looking forward to watching this scenario develop over the years. Hours of fun reading the fully illustrated and printable Pier 70 Plan Summary (.pdf) with more heavy lifting at the Master Plan.
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Pier 70

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