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Mega Chop for Mega House in Clarendon Heights

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Then: $3,950,000
Now: $3,675,000
You Save: $275,000

Back in July we wrote about 65 Mountain Spring, the big house on a hill in Clarendon Heights that had just hit the market with a jaw-dropping asking price of $3,950,000. Shoot forward 40 days and the property has taken a chop of $275,000, bringing it down to the completely reasonable and obtainable pocket change bargain basement price of $3,675,000. The 4-bed, 4-bath home features a fully renovated gourmet kitchen, on-demand hot water, elevator with direct access to 3-car garage, and what the listing agent refers to as a "mature rear garden." Oh, and the Sutro Tower is your gawky and stalky neighbor.
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65 Mountain Spring Ave, San Francisco, CA