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Diamond Heights Eichler: Tragic Pink and Crown Moldings

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Around the offices here at Curbed SF, we're enthusiastic about Mid-Century architecture. California's post-war housing landscape was transformed by Joseph Eichler, who brought us both modernist suburban tract housing and urban high-rises. Over the decades these buildings have been transformed by both neglect and indifference and ill-advised renovations, especially as the materials used by the Eichlers either went out of style or production. Tuscan kitchens were installed and the availability of white vinyl windows proved irresistible. Not all their projects were low-slung ranches, and what attracted us to this house on Amethyst Way was the attempt at a broken pediment over the entrance. It's a 3/2.5 asking $1.125M, on the market three days.

You decide on the interiors. It has a few things has going for it Most of this stretch of Eichlers in Diamond Heights are attached on both sides- this house, only on one side, permitting a bay window in the kitchen and a window in the dining area. Plus it's on the Glen Park Canyon side of the neighborhood and the back of the house faces a steep wooded slope up to Portola Drive, ensuring both quiet and privacy. Your move.

[Correction appended: we have no idea where "Eichler Brothers" came from and regret any pain (or joy) this mis-step may have caused commenters. Fact checking is hard, and of course it's always the thing you miss that causes the outrage.]
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44 Amethyst Way, San Francisco, CA