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Ike's Place Gets Booted Out of Castro Location

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And that's a wrap: Yesterday evening Ike's Place in the Castro was given an eviction notice by San Francisco Superior Court Judge Peter Busch. You may recall that NIMBYs above the shop complained about the long lines, noisy customers and "persistent smell of fried bacon." Opportunities to fix the problem of the "persistent smell of bacon" were avoided, says Julian Lastowski, an attorney who represents residents living above the shop. Like the opportunity to shell out $800,000 to the upset neighbors, or $300,000 and a restriction in the restaurant's hours of operation. Ike Shehadeh, owner of Ike's, made extra efforts to please his neighbors by having his employees wait until 8:30a.m. to start work, increased trash pickup and asked people waiting in line to be quiet. "I don't see the problem," said Marc Dyer, 31, another customer. "It is 4 in the afternoon, a bunch of people are waiting for sandwiches." Local folks, like Steve Adams, president of the Merchants of Upper Market and Castro, are sad to see Ike's Place go. He, along with several other Castro residents, are helping Shehadeh find other locations for his business in the area.
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