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Waterfront Cottage Near San Quentin: Kayak to the Gas Chamber!

Actually, it would probably be easier to stroll right in. On and off the market since 2008 and originally priced at $1.26M, this small but renovated three-bedroom/three-bath prison-adjacent waterfront cottage is now looking for $989K after being relisted on July 7 for $849K.

The Post Office says we're in San Quentin, and apparently it's a nice little enclave of about a hundred residents just outside the gate, but Google says Larkspur. And we know who's going to win that one. The prison, the star of film noir and the current home to about five thousand men, is just "steps away", as the realtors might say. Otherwise, the place looks both dreamy and tiny, and we like that the living room seems to be upstairs with the best view and a great deck. Definitely for the kayak-before-breakfast crowd, especially if you work in Marin or Contra Costa Counties. You just may not get to know all your neighbors.
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42 Main Street, Larkspur, CA, 94964