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Pedigree Poodles Welcomed in Pacific Heights Co-Op

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Holy smokes, do we have some pedigree real estate news for you. 2121 Broadway, a small and exclusive building, just listed a full-floor apartment for $2,995,000. Listing information states that the 2,722 square foot humble abode features 4-beds and 4-baths. This is a co-op, so it's not like you can just write a check for whole amount (rumor has it that this is a cash only building) and nab this place. You have to partake in a new owner interview (no grubby t-shirts and flip-flops, you 20-something dot com billionaires) and then the board has to give you its approval. Ah, the life of keeping up with the Joneses. The apartment itself is perfectly done up with all the regal glam you'd expect from a property of this type. It features what appears to be an onyx fireplace, ornate hardwood flooring, a questionably pink but still likabe bathroom, and a kitchen jam-packed with all the beautiful stainless appliances you've been lusting over for years. The unit also has two parking spots in the building's covered garage. The monthly HOA due is $1,500 which is fine for a property of this stature. Bonus image in the gallery is floorplan porno.
· 2121 Broadway #5 [Redfin]

2121 Broadway St, San Francisco, CA