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Lots to Look at on Sunday 2-4PM (2-4AM is Your Business)

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The great little townhouse-condo at 151 Ames Street on a Noe Valley alleyway between Dolores and Guerrero. Yes, that's the garage with tangerine epoxy floor and window. The rest of the place is a little more subdued but no less sharp-edged. 3/2.5 and reduced to $1.425

Cuteness overload on a great block. 265 Henry Street, a bungalow on the downslope of Corona Heights where Henry Street dead-ends, near Castro & 14th Streets. 3/2.5 for $1,077,777. They're playing the lucky numbers while they should be getting pictures online.

It's over-the-top woodwork in a handsome corner house in Cole Valley at 290 Frederick Street. The house lacks a yard but has a big deck, plus high ceilings and beautiful light, and is currently asking 421K less than they paid for it in 2007. 3/3 and now yours for $1.749M. Or less.

And just to recap, these properties we've written about previously are also open on Sunday: Russian Hill's old-school co-op at 2164 Hyde Street, that new-school house at 698 Arkansas with elevator and views in Potrero Hill, plus that big expensive stucco thing at 40 27th Avenue in Sea Cliff, and even the Edwardian with a buildable lot, Twin Peaks/Upper Market (3rd item.)
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