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Ranch With Pool, Above the Fray in Stinson Beach

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The weekend is upon us and we're getting beachy. Up the coast there's Stinson Beach, the popular and noisy strip of wide sand bar and former wetlands loved by both surfers and plutocrats alike. The plutocrats have Seadrift, the gated private community between the Pacific and and Route One, mostly expensive spec houses on artificial lagoons from the late-fifties and their successors. Some of these became teardowns, making way for big statements in cedar and glass, including one beach house designed to look like a small village. In keeping with the gated community vibe, Seadrift actively discourages short term rentals, large groups and parties. The rest of Stinson Beach has no such compunctions, however, and the heady mix of estrogen, testosterone and AXE hits as you drive into town.

Uphill we found this low-slung ranch from 1958. The listing says "back on the market with huge price reduction" but doesn't let us know what "huge" is. Whatever, $1.795K seems like a pretty good starting place to make a deal. Nice setting and pool, although you have to drive to the beach. Or never leave the house. No, we're not crazy about the interiors, either and FTW is with that exhaust in the kitchen and is that really a stuffed seal in the living room? And yes, that seems to be an attempt at doing something solar on the roof. But once you get there, will you really care?
· 125 Laurel Avenue, Stinson Beach [Redfin]
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125 Laurel Avenue, Stinson Beach, CA