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Awful Person Stephen Fowlers Lands in Eureka Valley and is Already Upsetting Neighbors

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Remember Stephen Fowler? The awful and degrading husband who went on television program Wife Swap and was nationally labeled "Worst Husband" because he was a terrible monster to his fake wife? After the show aired he lost friends, investors, and then he sold his big, beautiful Noe Valley house and disappeared into the night. It was recently discovered that he then settled in Eureka Valley, in a quaint 2-bed, 2-bath home. Fine, right? Sell one house out of shame for $2.9M, buy your replacement for $850,000 and live out the rest of your life in solitude. But no, not for our favorite local hero.

Fowler has submitted plans for an expansion to his 1,480 square foot humble abode. The expansion is bananas because Fowler is asking for permission for a "horizontal rear extension with roof deck above the addition; a music room; guest room; new kitchen; three new bathrooms; and a master bedroom on the third floor."

His new neighbors hate him. In one letter to the Planning Department a neighbor wrote "It is a massive project that will severely impact adjacent homes by blocking out light, air and privacy?This house would be so much taller, deeper, and bulkier than the neighboring homes?" Fowlers, will you ever learn?

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