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Brisbane: Elevator, Indoor Pool, Killer Views!

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In reality, you won't die from the views but that pool may prove fatal. Either from hitting your head on the walkway above it, or garden-variety staph. In Brisbane, our very own San Francisco-adjacent "City of the Stars". From the realtor:

WOW!! fixer in the hills of Brisbane! This property is sure to capture your imagination. With three beds and three baths, this home also has some features not typically found elsewhere, such as a four stop elevator (only 2 years old) and an indoor swimming pool! It also has guest quarters on the first floor, perfect for an au pair. The property also has 4 air conditioners!
Fixer may be an understatement, and clearly this house has had some parties. We worry that for $699K your captured imagination will never be the same. On the positive side, San Mateo County may force you to fill in the pool, or convert it to a home for stay-at-home koi, but you know it's got possibilities. If only to know you won't have to carry that pony keg up four flights to the roof.
· 360 Kings Road, Brisbane [Redfin]
· Brisbane, CA [Wikipedia]

360 Kings Road, Brisbane CA 95005