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Large Axe Seen Lurking in St. Francis Wood

Are prices indeed dropping to below 2003 levels? Here's one: a 4-bedroom/2.5-bath Spanish-style house in St. Francis Wood. purchased in June, 2003 for $2.5M. Listed a month ago for for $2.495M and price-chopped yesterday to $2.299M, thus saving you $201K. It's a good-looking, classic St. Francis Wood house with handsome details and a family-friendly kitchen but lacking much outdoor space. Apparently designed by architect Charles Gottschalk, who's name we know only because SF starchitect Willis Polk once sued him for plagiarizing a design. We don't remember which design or who won. Nice stair hall, no?
· 402 St. Francis Boulevard [Redfin]

402 St. Francis Boulevard, San Francisco, CA, 94127