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Raw Sewage Leaking into Redwood City Lagoon

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Ah, yes. You flipped your first home, pinched pennies, and now you're living comfortably suburban bliss-style in Redwood City's Redwood Shores neighborhood, home to a beautiful lagoon, park, and a tennis court. Well, sorry, residents. Although you do have a beautiful lagoon, it is currently filling up with raw sewage. On Friday crews discovered a pipe had broken underground, and estimated the spillage at 5,000 gallons. Shoot forward to today, and Redwood City officials grossly (see what I did there?) underestimated the amount of feces leaking into your lagoon. It's actually about 48,000 gallons, and it includes high levels of E.coli and other harmful bacteria. City spokesman Malcolm Smith said that consultants have been hired to speed up the cleanup process, but for now no skinny dipping.
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